Rating System

Oh right, A rating system. That’s probably something I should do, I guess. This system is mostly for people who enjoy cutting to the chase, cutting to the quick, getting to the gist, getting down to brass tacks, and don’t have the time in this crazy, work-a-day, fast-paced internet-driven world for, y’know, words. I’m sure I’ll tweak this system later, (or at least regret adhering to it) but for now here’s where it stands:

A Personal Favorite. A fully-realized, immensely listenable album that absolutely should be on this list (if not higher, if possible.) Huge historical importance, highly influential, and possibly visionary. I love these albums. 1990s Chicago Bull equivalent: Michael Jordan

Good Stuff. Still should be on the list, by and large enjoyable, but possibly flawed in some capacity. This could also be a work that is more admired or respected than truly loved by myself. 1990s Chicago Bull equivalent: Horace Grant

Toss Up. Parts are good, but other parts are not so great, haven’t aged well, or simply didn’t connect. Possibly respected, but not grokked. 1990s Chicago Bull equivalent: B.J. Armstrong

Ehhh. Not without a few merits, but either overrated, not my style at all, marred by production, dated poorly. Probably shouldn’t be on list. 1990s Chicago Bull equivalent: Will Perdue

Terrible. Outside of a track or two, this is a weak effort and should be off the list. 1990s Chicago Bull equivalent: Dickey Simpkins

No Stars.
Not a redeeming thing at all is to be found contained on this album at all. (I doubt I’ll run into too many of these but who knows?) 1990s Chicago Bull equivalent: Jack Haley

The toughest thing about coming up with this list (besides where to put Dickey Simpkins) was whether I should lean more towards ranking the “greatness” of the album vs. how much I enjoy it. There are plenty of albums that are nowhere near “great,” but I’ve listened to over and over again (hello Love Jones, Here’s To The Losers.) And vice versa (you’ll see, ) but I still want to try to respect the general mission of the list. It’s not My Top 500 Personal Favorite Albums, its the Rolling Stone Top 500 Albums of all Time (oooohhh.) I still might try to sneak some of my own guilty pleasure albums on the list, but I will try to at least think things through before I backdoor a Sade album or something.

However, I’m going to mostly err on the side of what I enjoy to listen to, but also grudgingly acknowledge merits of non-favorite albums with technical mastery, historical importance, overall influence, and other boring traits, even if I don’t “dig” the music. So I’m probably going to be wishy-washy here and there. (Like now.)

Also, in case you were wondering: Scottie Pippen is ★★★★1/2 stars.

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