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RS #426: Cheap Trick, Live At Budokan


Cheap Trick, Live At Budokan

Release Date: 1979
Previously Owned: Yes
First Time Listen: Yes, but I don't really remember too much.
Cheap Trick, Live At Budokan
Again, the record company puts the pretty ones on the cover, but neglects the, uh, talented ones...
Impressions: Okay. I've already tried to articulate my weird indifference for the hard rock/power pop of Cheap Trick, but maybe a live album of theirs will change things up. Let's fire this one up!... Energy is great from the beginning. "Hello There" is a classic intro, … Continue Reading ››

RS #461: P.I.L.- Metal Box

P.I.L., Metal Box
It doesn't photograph well, but, man, is that a cool idea for packaging or what? METAL. BOX.

P.I.L., Metal Box

Release Date: 1979 Previously Owned: No First Time Listen: Yes
Impressions: As a budding young graphic designer/music fan, I loved the branding of Public Image Limited. The logo, the  generic "Album" conceit and even the name all seemed to be vaguely underground, but not obviously punk with stereotypical ransom lettering (like the Sex Pistols.) A nice bonus was that I even enjoyed their music. P.I.L. was still aggressive but more textured than the straight-forward assault … Continue Reading ››

RS #475: Elvis Costello and the Attractions – Armed Forces

The fake-Pollock cover that the US fans are familiar with.

Elvis Costello and the Attractions, Armed Forces

Release Date: 1979
Previously Owned: Yes
Impressions:  It's hard to imagine now, as Elvis' presence nowadays is merely tolerated or ignored by most people (his collaboration with The Roots sounds great on paper, but that sinking feeling is there.) When Armed Forces came out back in '79, Elvis was considered "cool," or at least he was at his personal coolest. He also seemed kind of dangerous, like a permanently-jilted version of Buddy Holly on speed. This angry, young … Continue Reading ››

RS #483: Gang of Four – Entertainment!


Gang of Four, Entertainment!

Release Date: 1979
Previously Owned: No First Time Listen: Yes
Gang of Four - Entertainment!
Not just "Entertainment!" but other things like "Guitars!" "Politics!" and "Robot Vocals!"
Impressions:  Weird that I never heard of these guys before. Unlike the previous album on this list, it's  completely in my wheel house: no-nonsense, angular, angry-ular punk rock with a touch of dub and funk. "Not Great Man" sounds like, and better than, all of those spiky-punk-pop bands who came out in the 2000s (ie The Futureheads,) but with actually … Continue Reading ››