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RS #448: The Police, Synchronicity


The Police, Synchronicity

Release Date: 1983 Previously Owned: Yes (on tape, CD, vinyl)
The Police, Synchronicity
I guess "Synchronicity" involves all three band members wanting to punch each other out equally.
Impressions: Synchronicity is one of the first truly great albums I got my hands on as a youth. After floundering around with Huey Lewis and the News, the "Arthur" Soundtrack and Hooked on Classics, a friend of mine gave me a tape of this album (along with Michael Jackson's Thriller on the B Side) and I wore it out. I even started fast forwarding through Thriller, … Continue Reading ››

RS #470: L.L. Cool J, Radio

L.L. Cool J, Radio
Takes 16 "D" Batteries.

L.L. Cool J, Radio

Release Date: 1983
Previously Owned: No
First Time Listen: No
Impressions:  Before he was doing the NCIS thing or battling sharks, L.L. (along with Run DMC) was one of the first big crossover rap stars that moved hip-hop from the secret mix tapes and 12" records we passed around at school to the mainstream. I haven't listened to this album since way back when. Let's take it for a spin... From the get-go, the sound is classic boom-bap minimal Rick Rubin production. "I Can't Live Without … Continue Reading ››

#492: Eurythmics – Touch

Eurythmics - Touch
Probably the album they play at that party in "Eyes Wide Shut"


Eurythmics, Touch

Release Date: 1983
Previously Owned: No
First Time Listen: I think so


I thought I was in for a real '80s electro-pop treat but after the majestic, icy sweep of "Here Comes The Rain Again," this album surprisingly, became a little bit of a slog. Must have sounded good on a Walkman at the time, but much of the album's dated, clunky bass and percussion wore on me. Dave Stewart's Kraftwerk/Art Of Noise affectations made the second … Continue Reading ››