RS #404: Dr. John, Dr. John’s Gumbo


Dr. John, Dr. John's Gumbo

Release Date: 1972
Previously Owned: No
First Time Listen: Yes
Dr John's Prescription Gumbo. Take with food.
Impressions: Dr. John is one of those guys that you know for his cajun piano playin' voodoo image more than his songs.  Okay, Doc, let's see what you got. Allons-y... Starts off with the oft-covered "Iko Iko" and it's distinct "bomp bomp bompbomp" rhythm. A decent enough song, but sort of been ruined to me by years of abuse by Grateful Dead cover … Continue Reading ››

RS #405: Big Star- Radio City


Big Star, Radio City

Release Date: 1974
Previously Owned: Yes
First Time Listen: No
Love this cover. No idea why.
Impressions: I've made no secret of my worshipping at the altar of Big Star and their picture-perfect first album. It's too bad their legend has mostly swallowed up their songs, but let's put this one on and do the best we can... That funky, attention-grabbing guitar opening for "O My Soul" almost has an r&b sound. The herky jerky all-over-the-place drumming from Jody Stevens makes the tune feel like … Continue Reading ››