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RS #386: Steely Dan, Pretzel Logic


Steely Dan, Pretzel Logic

Release Date: 1974 Previously Owned: Yes First Time Listen: No
Impressions: Holy crow, it's been a while since my last update! Let's Pretzel...The Dan seems kind of polarizing, so I'll just say up front that I'm a big fan. I've mostly heard their songs broken up by a mix or as a part of Citizen Steely Dan boxed set. So we'll see how these songs work … Continue Reading ››

Proposed Rating System

Oh right, Ratings. I guess that's what thing whole deal is about. These are mostly if people who wants to cut to the chase. I'm sure I'll tweak this system later, (or at least regret adhering to it) but here's where it stands:

★★★★★ A Personal Favorite. A fully-realized, immensely listenable album that absolutely should be on this list (if not higher, if possible.) Huge historical importance, highly influential, and possibly visionary. I love these albums. 1990s Chicago Bull equivalent: Michael Jordan

★★★★ Good Stuff. Still should be on the list, by and large enjoyable, … Continue Reading ››

The Soon-To-Be-Titled Listening to the Rolling Stone Top 500 Albums of All-Time Project

For some reason, I've decided to listen to every single album (and a few double albums) on the Rolling Stone Top 500 Albums of All Time list. Starting with #500 all the way up to #1, I'll write up my impressions of each album, a rating, and a general comment of whether this selection should be on this list or not. Well, actually, that's a pretty silly notion, because if Rolling Stone put the album on the list, then it should be on Rolling Stone's list, right? End of story. So, I guess what I'm really asking is "would I … Continue Reading ››