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RS #405: Big Star- Radio City


Big Star, Radio City

Release Date: 1974
Previously Owned: Yes
First Time Listen: No
Love this cover. No idea why.
Impressions: I've made no secret of my worshipping at the altar of Big Star and their picture-perfect first album. It's too bad their legend has mostly swallowed up their songs, but let's put this one on and do the best we can... That funky, attention-grabbing guitar opening for "O My Soul" almost has an r&b sound. The herky jerky all-over-the-place drumming from Jody Stevens makes the tune feel like … Continue Reading ››

RS#434: Big Star, #1 Record


Big Star, #1 Record

Release Date: 1972
Previously Owned: Yes
Big Star, #1 Record
"#434 Record" didn't have quite the same ring to it.
Impressions:  I don't care if this is indie-hipster bait, this album is amazing. I probably like it too much to look at objectively, but I'll try my best… "Feel" chugs in with a great riff building toward a '70s power-pop groove. It's super catchy, but still seems like the whole song is going to fall apart, just like Chris Bell vocal ( "I feel like I'm dyin!") After that, the gorgeous heart-rending Alec Chilton ballad "The … Continue Reading ››

RS #449: Big Star, Third/Sister Lovers


Big Star, Third/Sister Lovers

Release Date: 1978 Previously Owned: No First Time Listen: Yes
Big Star Third/Sister Lovers
This album is no day at the beach, that's for sure.
Impressions: As mentioned earlier, I'm pretty smitten with Big Star's catchy, influental '70s guitar pop. But, I've never touched their third (and last) "experimental" album that barely got released. Seems weird to review these in reverse order, but here we go….Oh man, from the first few notes on "Kizza Me" this album makes me anxious. With Chris Bell long gone, this is Alex … Continue Reading ››