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Cool Guardian article about British songwriters

Isle of Noises, Daniel Rachel
Cool cover design.
Like the headline says, I'm just sharing a cool article from the Guardian. A few really interesting insights about songwriting with Ray Davies, John Lydon, Mick Jones, Paul Weller, Andy Partridge, Sting, Annie Lennox, Johnny Marr and many slightly older British musician people.  Excerpts from this book, Isle of Noises: Conversations with great British songwriters by Daniel Rachel: http://www.theguardian.com/books/2013/sep/05/british-songwriter-interviews-secrets

#492: Eurythmics – Touch

Eurythmics - Touch
Probably the album they play at that party in "Eyes Wide Shut"


Eurythmics, Touch

Release Date: 1983
Previously Owned: No
First Time Listen: I think so


I thought I was in for a real '80s electro-pop treat but after the majestic, icy sweep of "Here Comes The Rain Again," this album surprisingly, became a little bit of a slog. Must have sounded good on a Walkman at the time, but much of the album's dated, clunky bass and percussion wore on me. Dave Stewart's Kraftwerk/Art Of Noise affectations made the second … Continue Reading ››