RS #397 – Massive Attack, Blue Lines


Massive Attack, Blue Lines

Release Date: 1991
Previously Owned: No

 For what it’s worth, the first “Trip-Hop” album, I guess.  The album’s influential chilled cocktail of dub, hip-hop, soul has some dated sounds, but still holds up pretty well. In general, British dudes rapping sounds kinda funny to my American ears, but these guys get by ok. They never ruin a song, kind of like a quarterback who’s a “game manager.” After dragging through “One Love” the album snaps into place with “Blue Lines;” a tight, moody cut that even survives the whispery British-accent rapping style which flows perfectly into their immaculate cover of soul standard “Be Thankful For What You Got.” Good headphone stuff that can be broken up into nice little Lego blocks for an tasteful after-hours down-

Massive Attack, Blue Lines
I see Helvetica Black Oblique, but no blue lines…

tempo mix.

Starred Songs: “Safe From Harm,” “Blue Lines”
Sneaky Tracks: “Be Thankful For What You Got”

Should this be on the list: Yes, although I could see it dropping off at some point, unless this sound comes back around again
Will You Listen To This Album Again: Sure

Summary:  Dub, hip hop, funk all in a British blender.
Rating: ★★★3/4