RS #392 — The Beatles, Let It Be


The Beatles, Let It Be

Release Date: 1969
Previously Owned: No
First Time Listen: Yes (unbelievable!)

The Beatles, Let It Be” by Source. Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia.

Impressions: Their worst album?…And the start of 10 Beatles albums on this list. Which is, what, 0.02% of the list? Let’s get to work… Well, even though it’s not technically their last album, the whole deal has a down-cast, end of the road vibe. I always liked the stomping acoustic guitar back-porch simplicity of “Two Of Us” and assumed it was a McCartney solo song for years. And the slow druggy burn of “Dig A Pony” feels like solo Lennon. Which at this point, they were all using each other as back-up musicians. “Across the Universe” sounds like a demo but that merely amplifies its spooky beauty. The sheets fuzzy acoustic guitar really gets me. Okay, strings are kind of unnecessary, but not fatal. This album is kind of a mess that Phil Spector’s mighty Wall of Sound might not be able to make sense of. Sure, it’s a mess that would be any other band’s career best record, but these guys have high standards. “Dig It?” Ehh. Can “Let It Be.” even be understood as music anywhere? Along with “Hey Jude,” everyone simply sort of accepts their excellence without even questioning…(listens) ahh, Godammit it’s hard to hate this song. It’s just been way too overplayed. I hear the opening and I’m ready for a commercial for a local classic rock radio station. “I Got A Feeling” not bad, but these guys just sound kind of tired of being Beatles. Overall, not my favorite batch of songs. “Get Back” and “I’ve got A Feeling” have a kind of bluesy, rootsy appeal much like an unfussy home cooked meal, but yipes to the strings on the “Long and Winding Road.” I might have to give the Let It Be Naked album a try…out of curiosity, but that’s not the one getting reviewed here.

Starred Songs: “Paper Planes,” “World Town”
Sneaky Track: “Jimmy”
Should this album be on the list? It’s not my favorite, kind of a mess but it’s real hard to take off the list.
Will you listen to this again? Probably on 3 for Tuesday on The Drive
Verdict: Kind of mess for the Beatles, song fragments, throwback blues numbers and soft string arrangments surround some of their absolute undeniable pantheon songs. (lighter)

Rating:  ★★★1/2