RS# 382: Modern Lovers, Modern Lovers


The Modern Lovers Modern Lovers

Release Date: 1976
Previously Owned: No
First Time Listen: No

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Impressions: Proto-punk, proto-New Wave, proto-Talking Heads (with an actual future-Talking Head on keyboards)…but solid, simple…sounds perfect. Velvet Underground meets Punk or something. Again, weird I never really got into this album when I was younger. With the organ like in “Astral Plane”, sometimes they sounds even Doors like, but swap Jonathan Richman’s nerdy singing instead of Morrison’s louche drunkeness. Enjoyably bratty yet emotional. Fits nicely after that last Talking Heads album. So many albums and bands came from this, but it sounds like it could have come out any time in the last 40 years (the demos were recorded in ’73.) I enjoy the charming amateur awkwardness that must have seemed alien compared to whatever boring professional/prog/soft rock sounds of the early ’70s. “Girlfriend” sneaks up on you…kind of nice mix of sweet and sour and really affecting. Put down your cigarette and act like a true girl.
Great Lyric: “Pablo Piccasso was never called an asshole” –
“Pablo Piccasso”
Starred Songs: “Road Runner,” “Pablo Piccasso”
Sneaky Track: “Girlfriend,”
Should this album be on the list? Yes! Also so should the equally awesome “Fear of Music”…but I’ll fix that!
Will You Listen To This Again: Absolutely. It’s great beginning to end.
Verdict: Simple, timeless pre-New Wave garage rock still sounds great
Rating:  ★★★★.75