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RS# 412: Wire, Pink Flag


Wire, Pink Flag

Release Date: 1977 Previously Owned: No First Time Listen: Yes
This album isn't really about golf, I don't think
Impressions: Wire is a British punk forefather band often name-checked in relationship to bands I enjoy (R.E.M., The Jam, The Futureheads, Devo, and the previously reviewed, Minutemen,) usually in reference to the start-stop dynamics and "angular" guitar. Somehow, I never bothered to listen to the source before. Today, I bother… "Reuters" opens with a slow riff and shouting vocal letting us know that the music will arty … Continue Reading ››

RS #441: Suicide, Suicide

Suicide, Suicide
Yep, this is what it sounds like.

Suicide, Suicide Release Date: 1977

Previously Owned: No First Time Listen: Yes Impressions: Completely never heard of these guys. Not even in name, although I'm going to assume it's not party-time music…So far, name is apt: they play lo-fi, almost amateurish, early New Romantic keyboard heavy sad music. The mood is Dire. "Ghost Rider" sounds like if a depressed Elvis got ahold of some synths. You can definitely hear a wire-frame for new wave or goth type … Continue Reading ››

RS #443: Cheap Trick, In Color


Cheap Trick, In Color

Cheap Trick, In Color
It's oddly apt that they put the two pretty boys on the cover and hid the other two, more-talented dudes.
Release Date: 1977 Previously Owned: No First Time Listen: Yes Impressions:For a guy like myself who loves '70s power pop, Cheap Trick for whatever reason has never won me over before. Let's give them a chance…. Well, "Hello There" is a goofball fun rocking opener and "Big Eyes" rocks fine, but that's it; just fine. The production seems a little restrained, the songs don't quite seem to take off. … Continue Reading ››