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#389 – RS #500: Don Henley, The End Of Innocence


Don Henley The End Of Innocence

Release Date: 1989 Previously Owned: No First Time Listen: Yes
"The End of Tasteful Late '80s, Cusp Of Desktop Publishing Graphic Design" by Source. Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia.
Impressions: Okay, let's give this a spin. (Listens) Hmmm, must have placed a Bruce Hornsby CD on by mistake...no? DON: "Hey Hornsby... don't forget to bring over your piano and drum machine for this track." Sounds like 1989 for sure, with a … Continue Reading ››

#498: The Stone Roses


The Stone Roses

Release Date: 1989
Previously Owned: Yes
The Stone Roses
Jackson Pollack, with lemons = The Stone Roses
Impressions:  Before this came out in the late '80s, there was music created by bands and music created by DJs. If you wanted to dance, you listened to music made by machines or samples, and when you didn't want to dance, you listened to music made by people. Okay, I'm oversimplifying, but it sure seemed that way back then. Outside of New Order, rarely did both strands meet without … Continue Reading ››