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RS #387: Wu-Tang Clan, Enter the Wu-Tang Clan: 36 Chambers


Wu-Tang Clan, Enter the Wu-Tang Clan:36 Chambers

Release Date: 1993 Previously Owned: Yes First Time Listen: No
"These guys ain't nothin' to fuck wit. By Source, Fair use, Link
Impressions: I've always liked Wu-Tang but I never became a fanatic. Let us enter the 36 Chambers here... "Bring Da Ruckus" is a ('90s term coming up) slammin' opener that establishes their mix of kung fu samples, brash choruses "BRING THA MUTHAFUCKIN RUCKUS," hard beats, and nine, that's … Continue Reading ››

RS #406: PJ Harvey, Rid Of Me


PJ Harvey, Rid Of Me

Release Date: 1993
Previously Owned: No
First Time Listen: Yes
Of course, there'd be a black and white photo on the cover of this grey-sounding album.
Impressions: Earlier, I felt like I missed the boat on PJ Harvey. Now I get a second chance with her most lauded record. Let's put it on… Hmm, I recognize that drum sound: Steve Albini! Well, if nothing else, maybe I'll at least enjoy the production of this record (then … Continue Reading ››

RS #435: Nirvana, In Utero

Nirvana, In Utero
No joke, was supposed to be called "I Hate Myself and Want To Die"

Nirvana, In Utero

Release Date: 1993
Previously Owned: Yes
Impressions: This disc is supposedly tough listen, but, in the past, I mostly found it to be challenging but still enjoyable. Sometimes I've even enjoyed it more than Nevermind. Let's put it on... Big, unvarnished Steve Albini production makes it seem very present and still fresh. Even at their supposed most "difficult"  like with the screaming, power-chord driven "Scentless Apprentice" Nirvana still can't help but be suprisingly catchy, listenable...even … Continue Reading ››