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RS #424: Bruce Springsteen, The Rising


Bruce Springsteen, The Rising

Release Date: 2002
Previously Owned: No
First Time Listen: Yes
Bruce Springsteen, The Rising
Blurs Blursteen and The Blur Street Band
Impressions: Another late-career effort by Bruce. This one came out as a direct response to 9/11. I guess someone had to address the subject, so why not the Boss, right? Let's put it on… "Lonesome Day" offers up solid, if standard meat-and-potatoes rock with affecting but vague references to 9/11. The production by Brendan O'Brien is a little better than most late-career AOR offerings, although he likes to toss in little weird noises and … Continue Reading ››

RS #452: John Prine, John Prine

John Prine
"Hay hay hay! It's JOOOOHN PRIINE"

John Prine, John Prine

Release Date: 1971 Previously Owned: No First Time Listen: Yes
Impressions: I've mentioned this before, but I mix John Prine, Warren Zevon, and Boz Scaggs together for some reason, even though they aren't really musically quite alike. Maybe it's their demographic? WXRT seems to like him a lot, (reads his Wikipedia bio) and that's probably because he's from Chicago. Let's put this album on. Opens with a funny country drug number called "Illegal Smile." His voice is kind of plain to my ears. The album defininely got … Continue Reading ››